Francisca Valenzuela

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Francisca Valenzuela is a Chilean-American singer, songwriter, poet,
musician and entrepreneur. She’s been called “Latin America’s most
glamorous artist” (Esquire Magazine, Spain), “One of the newest hitmakers”
(New York Times) and it has been said her music is “an elegant
pop that seduces you and then shows its teeth” (La Razón, Spain).
Rolling Stone, Brazil, states "With a strong and assertive voice, Francisca
is an excellent musician moving from the keyboards to guitars with
confidence. She enthused the audience with hit songs full of great
musical arrangements and sticky choruses."
Francisca gained popularity in Chile and Latin America in 2007 after she
independently released her first album, Muérdete la Lengua (Bite your
Tongue; it went gold and platinum in Chile). Her second album, Buen Soldado (Good Soldier, 2011), went gold in Chile. Tajo Abierto,
her third LP was released on September 2014 and edited under Frantastic Records, Francisca’s own record label and production
company of which she’s founder, CEO and Creative Director. This third album was produced in Los Angeles, CA, with the
collaboration of several local musical producers.

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