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FORRYN (/ˈfɔr·ən, ˈfɑr-/), a notion of nearness, a glimpse of something strangely familiar.
Claudia Heidegger (violin/vocals) and Joe Rodwell (trumpet/producing) first crossed paths in the mad musical melting pot of London, before murmurs of Bexit and protecting your own grew loud. When Claudia moved back to Austria, Skype, wine, laughter and shared memories helped to shape the physical distance into a new sound that sprung from a friendship, was developed across countries and is slowly being released into the world.
Acoustic elements and synthetic sounds merge into a sonic invitation to defy imaginary borders and perceived limitations. An aural plea for philanthropy, a proposition of faith, a celebration of the unknown. Forryn is a trait we share, a feeling we cherish, a part of ourselves that we hadn't known before. It’s the stranger inside and the strangeness of the outside. Cautious cohesion. Frail solidarity. The smile of a stranger.
Soft and solid. Sane and sound. Then and there, here and now.