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Florida rapper Forgiato Blow is part of a subgenre sometimes referred to as MAGA Rap, making songs centered around conservative or far-right politics, conspiracy theories, and popular figures in alt right circles. He expresses these beliefs on prolifically released mixtapes and albums like 2023′s MAGADONIA 47.
Forgiato Blow was born Kurt Jantz in 1985. He was rapping and releasing music as early as 2013 but didn’t really acquire any significant following until he postured himself as a vocal supporter of right wing political candidates in 2016. From there, he absorbed a fan base for his music of people who identified with his purported political viewpoints, and quickly set conservative political messaging to trap instrumentals on multiple albums like 2020′s All Eyez on MAGA or 2022′s Jan6ers. In addition to writing songs about stolen elections and Republican values, Forgiato had a minor success with his 2023 song “Boycott Target,” a track asserting that the corporate chain store had gone too far by stocking LGBTQ+ merchandise. ~ TiVo Staff