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Viral Internet response to a 2018 single catapulted Alabama rapper Flo Milli from underground status to streaming numbers in the millions. Her brazen anthem of self-confidence “Beef FloMix” was the first song to bring the rapper’s lighthearted demeanor and fluid rhyme styles to legions of new fans, and she capitalized on the attention in 2020 with debut mixtape Ho, Why Is You Here? The acclaimed release was followed by singles like 2022′s “PBC.”
Flo Milli grew up in Mobile, Alabama, and began rapping at age 11. She released her first single, “No Hook,” in 2015 when she was just 16 years old. Milli issued new music sporadically over the next few years, but it wasn’t until her 2018 reworking of the instrumental from Playboi Carti and Ethereal’s woozy track “Beef” that the seeds were planted for her fame. As “Beef FloMix,” Milli’s dominant lyrics transformed the song into a decimation of would-be haters and gained some traction on its own. When fans on the Internet started using it to soundtrack their own dance videos, however, things really took off. The song was soon racking up millions of streams, and its video was also viewed millions of times. From there, Flo Milli scored several other viral singles, with 2019′s “In the Party” being followed by a string of tracks in 2020 such as “Not Friendly,” “Weak,” and “Like That Bitch.”
Along the way, the rapper signed on with RCA, and in July 2020, the best of these songs and new, unreleased material were collected in the form of Flo Milli’s debut mixtape, Ho, Why Is You Here? The release charted in the top half of the Billboard 200, and Milli was nominated for Best New Artist at the BET Hip Hop Awards. She continued making guest appearances and releasing singles such as “Roaring 20s” (2021) and “PBC” (2022). ~ Fred Thomas