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Eclectic Japanese band with its stylistic roots in psychedelia and reggae, formed in Minato, Tokyo in 1987 by Shinji Sato, Kin-ichi Motegi and Kensuke Ojima.

Fishmans went on a hiatus in 1998, but, after the untimely death of their lead singer Sato in March 1999, decided to regroup as a live band.
They incorporated many different genres and styles into their music throughout the years, like e.g. funk rock, dream pop, ambient pop, trip hop or post-rock and they continue to experiment with new sounds to this day.

A tribute ensemble named was founded in 2011, lead by Motegi.

Shinji Sato - lead vocals, cornet, guitar, bass (start–1999)
Kin-ichi Motegi - drums, vocals (start–present)
Kensuke Ojima - guitar (start–1994)
Susumu Hisamatsu - bass (1987–1988)
Yuzuru Kashiwabara - bass (1988–1998, 1999–present)
Hakase - keyboards (1989–1995, 2009–present)

Support members:
- guitar (1994–1996, 1999–present)
- keyboards (1995)
- keyboards, violin (1995–2007)
- guitar (1996–present)
- vocals (2005–present)