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Atlanta-based indie singer/songwriter Faye Webster began writing rustic, country-tinged songs at age 14, but found an unlikely entry point into the music industry as part of a rap collective. While singing hooks on tracks for rappers and blooming as a photographer, Webster continued honing her own songcraft. A self-titled debut saw the light of day in 2017, showcasing her vulnerable, introspective narratives and playful character.
Webster was raised in Atlanta, Georgia in a musical family; her grandfather was a bluegrass guitarist in Texas, her mother was a former guitarist and fiddle player, and her oldest brother played in a rock band in high school. Webster herself began writing songs and performing as a teenager. In high school, she was part of rap collective PSA, a group of friends who collaborated and served as mutual sources of encouragement. She self-released her first album, a rustic set of Americana called Run & Tell, in 2013 at the age of 16. Webster met rapper Ethereal during her senior year and was introduced to his label, Awful Records.
Upon graduation, Webster enrolled at Belmont University in Nashville with the intention of studying either songwriting or graphic design. However, missing the particular creative scene and diversity of Atlanta, she returned home before finishing her freshman year. While there, a photography class and the Christmas gift of a camera led to her photographing friends on weekend trips home, some of whom were embarking on music careers of their own. Inspired by the work of Brooklyn-based artist Kehinde Wiley, she incorporated background patterns into her portraits, and was soon in demand as a music photographer, shooting hip-hop artists including DRAM, Killer Mike, and former classmate Lil Yachty while still in her teens. Making an effort to prioritize her music, she signed with Awful Records, which released her second album in 2017. Titled Faye Webster, it introduced a more sophisticated, confessional indie folk She followed up two years later with Atlanta Millionaires Club. Released on Secretly Canadian, the album bounded between modes of lush R&B and pedal-steel heavy indie folk. ~ Marcy Donelson

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