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Fatou Gozlan is a multi-talented artist.
Her style is inspired by the sounds and beats of African and middle-eastern tribal music.
She plays several kind of reed flutes, such as: Arabic and Turkish ney, African fula flute, Indian bansuri, Bulgarian kaval and Egyptian kawala percussion instruments.
She is a professional percussionist on derbuka,
also plays the Persian tombak, bongo and cajon.
Fatou also has experience organising festivals and producing albums.
She started playing the flute at the age of 12, but later decided to pursue acting.
She got a contract with a famous theatre in Budapest, but after some time, left in search of wisdom and traveling. She made her way to Egypt and discovered her passion for percussion music.
Fatou became a student of Khamis Henkesh, the highly renowned and gifted Egyptian percussionist, and learned from his artistry and techniques.
Fatima also discovered her love of flutes and continued to pusue her studies in Turkey, India, Senegal and Gambia. Fatou is a self-taught musician on the Arabic Ney and is continuing to learn the Egyptian Kawala, Fulani African flute, Hungarian and Bulgarian Kaval and the Indian Bansuri. All flutes are made from bamboo and very spiritual instruments.
A few years ago she started to practice yoga, and now composes music for healing, yoga, meditation and trance dance, using her reed flutes and percussion instruments.
Fatou loves to collaborate with musicians from all traditions, including Jazz and electronic music. She has collaborated with celebrated artists, such as: Okay Temiz, Giovanni Hidalgo, Ayman Mabrouk, Fathy Salama and many more musicians from all over the world.
In 2011 Meszecsinka, the band Fatima was a vocalist, percissionist and fluetest for, won 1st prize in Folkbeats talent contest held in Budapest.