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Fariha Pervez, a recipient of several national awards in the field of music, is one of the most prolific artists of contemporary Pakistani music. She has mostly experimented fusing modern pop music arrangements with regional folklore of Northern Subcontinent. She is one of the few blessed artist with so many distinguishable and well known songs/hits under her name and several successful albums in her music career so far.
Those who have seen her perform live, are mindful of her well-known interaction with the audience during her live performances; her concerts worldwide have turned Fariha into an evergreen live performer for all seasons; from slow ballads to mid tempo and from easy listening to the upbeat energetic songs - a complete assortment! Neither does Fariha shy away from singing iconic hit ghazals nor is she reluctant to sing famous current and evergreen Bollywood hits. Used to singing live for hours with a sustained energy on stage makes her a power house of Pakistani contemporary music.
Fariha was also one of the artists of Coke Studio, the most celebrated music program of Pakistan during its Season 6 and gave mesmerizing hits like ‘Jogi’, ‘Saiyaan Bina Ghar Soona’ and ‘Miyan Ki Malhaar’.
Fariha has produced 7 albums to date. Her 1996 debut album, Nice & Naughty; followed up with Music Viewzik in 1997. 'Jhumka' came out in 2000, 'O Vela Yaad Kar' in 2001, ‘Piya’ in 2003, ‘Passion’ in 2005 and ‘Abhi Abhi’, Fariha's 7th music album was released in Nov-2010 nationwide!
Her music takes the listener to the journey of evergreen melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

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