Modern Inferno


Thank you for listening to and considering Fans of Jimmy Century's "Modern Inferno" for Best Alternative Music Album. We're excited to step back into our modern rock roots where it all began 15 years ago! This album represents our timeline as a distinct, independent band with a different sound which never quite fit into any musical genre or category. From the rush of adrenaline (when Ric Ocasek discovered us) to the sting of rejection, we continue to find our own way to shine in a faceless world that tends to color inside the lines. We hope our music will make you feel that same rush of excitement and inspire you to create your own strange and beautiful world in which your uniqueness and flair is celebrated.

All Songs written by Alicia Perrone and Victor James (Fans of Jimmy Century)
Exception***Wax Ecstatic written by Vinnie Dombrowski

Lyrics by Alicia Perrone
Music by Victor James
Produced by Victor James and Alicia Perrone
Recorded and Mixed at Lacy Lane Studios, Las Vegas NV by Victor James
Exception***French Connection recorded and vocally produced by Sylvia Massy at Radio Star Studios, Weed CA

All Instrumentation by Victor James

Mastered by Marc Felish, Dominion Mastering

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