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Fairplay 2333

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Michael Williams, better known by his stage name Fairplay 2333, is an American rapper from Chicago, IL. Fairplay 2333 started his rap career in 2016 with the release of the street hit "Break Bread". In 2017 Fairplay moved from Chicago to Orlando, Fl, where he gained traction in the hip hop scene, becoming a regular performing presence at St Marcos Night Club (Chicago, IL) and Pro 192 Studio (Orlando, FL). He returned to Chicago to shoot a music video for the anthem "I Got The City". In the spring of 2018 Fairplay organized his “I Got The City" tour. "Fairplay 2333" drove across the country, performing in cities throughout the United States. The tour created new opportunities and connections for Fairplay. In the Summer of 2018 Fairplay 2333 joined Briahna (of SwankPr) on her “SwankPr Media Tour”, which landed him in, Chicago, Atlanta, College Station, Houston, New York, and Arizona; the aftereffect resulted in Fairplay being interviewed by several radio shows and podcasts. Also in 2018 Fairplay 2333 caught the attention of Major Media Marketing and which CEO Demario Gray invited him to open up for industry phenom Plies at Enturoge night club in Chicago, IL. Directly following the momentum he created with the Plies concert he was able to secure a feature for his record "I Just Go" with Chicago legend G Count, who's been featured with the likes of Rick Ross, Meek Mill, and Lil Wayne just to name a few, the music video for that song is currently sitting at 24,00+ views. In 2019 Fairplay 2333 dropped 1 mixtape (No Time To Play Fair) 1 EP (F.E.D.S. Friends Enemies Demons and Saints) 4 Tour Vlogs (I Got The City Tour Vlogs) and 5 music videos, 2 of which were picked up by Worldstar which currently total just a little under 2 million views. As of 2020, he's currently working on his new mixtape "No Time To Play Fair 2" and an EP yet to be named.

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