Elsie Binx

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ELSIE BINX was established in January 2015 when Kevin Wesley Williams & Erin Accomando began making music together at The Sound Shop Studio in Macomb, MI, after having worked side-by-side in the corporate music industry for about a year. They set out to create the sound of a new pop/rock project. With AaronGTV's and Phil Steuer's help, they produced an album (Smile and a Bullet) that would bring together the group of musicians who call themselves ELSIE BINX (EBX) today.

Upon releasing their first album in October 2015, they began playing shows as a 5-piece and writing new music. A few months into the endeavor, they added a permanent second guitar player (Jonny Neville) as well as a keyboard player and background singers. Through 2016-2017, they continued gigging and successfully released another album, (That’s What She Said) in April 2017. It was during this time that Jen Read became a background singer and eventually, permanent keyboard player.

In 2018, Darin Curtis became their drummer and Tom Harper, their bassist. EBX released a single and video for their awareness-driven song, "Everything About It". Just over a year later, they released their first acoustic EP entitled, 'Electric Baby'. Their 2019 single release, "Mean Girls", is a lyrical word-play on the cult classic film, Mean Girls (2004). These three projects marked a turning point in EBX's sound, as there were now 3 new members bringing songwriting talents to the table.

From 2017-2020, EBX played all around the USA, including Philadelphia, Chicago, Toledo, Fort Wayne, Tulsa, St. Louis, Amarillo, Las Vegas, Tarzana, Denver, Omaha, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Atlantic City, Pittsburgh and the iconic Whisky A Go-Go in West Hollywood.

Since March 2020, they've concentrated on collaboratively writing music and hosting digital concerts on their Twitch channel. As a way to be able to release unique content during quarantine, they released two cover singles with videos: "Separate Ways" by Journey and "The Show Must Go On" by Queen.

As of 2023, EBX has released their follow-up album, 'Madness'. This record was written almost entirely over the course of the pandemic, using technology to pass digital files back and forth until they could safely meet in-person again. This record marks their most collaborative work to date. All members contributed to lyrics, melodies, instrumental parts and production. As a result, 'Madness' represents the sound of EBX with an accuracy never before achieved by the group.