Elliott Waits For No One

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About this artist

EWFNO is comprised of Three main members Brian Troch(vocals, acoustic guitar, guitar, bass) , Jenny Franck ( Vocals , Acoustic, Guitar) and Jeff Tortora (Vocals , Drums / percussion -Blue man group Vegas and World Touring BMG)elements of singer songwriter/Alternative Rock/Rock/Jazz-soul/Grunge- All three voices distinct and different yet compliment each other perfectly. Acoustic guitar appears often. Also on lead guitar and electric guitar and keys - Michael James Of indie Pro Mix in LA, On Bass Guitar - Sam Hernandez from Austin Texas. OnCello - Ryan Carney from Chicago. on Trumpet is Jon David Provitt from Chicago (JD)

Produced by - Jaben Pennell (Vibehouse Productions)
Michael James (Indie Pro Mix), Brian Troch, Jenny Franck, Jeff Tortora

Mixed By - Jaben Pennell at Vibehouse Productions
Mastered by - Howie Weinberg

Brian Troch was introduced to the music industry thru Relativity and Sony records. His lifelong friend and songwriting partner Jeff Tortora, is one of the drummers of the world famous Blue Man Group. Brian and Jenny met through the record label they were both signed to at the time after her release of the full length album Beautiful lies. As Singer Songwriters and Alternative Musicians Brian And Jenny hit it off Immediately and began the writing process that would ultimately Become EWFNO. Brian and Jenny then Contacted Jeff and the process picked up major steam! Brian And Jenny believe that music is the one true language that brings all people together and they carry this spirit on through the music and into their Business life where they are also co-founders of the life changing wellness/Pure Hemp Extract Company called Neoteric Nutra. It is this distinct blend of creativity, and an adventurous World changing view that makes this songwriting entity one to be recognized.

Plain and simple, their goal and desire to write unique and original material is the inspiration and aphrodisiac for the birth of Elliott Waits For No One.