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Carlos Eduardo Taddeo, better known as Eduardo, is a rapper, songwriter, activist, educator, and Brazilian writer.

He is one of the founders and leaders of the Facção Central group, in which he was a vocalist and composer of all lyrics.

He left the group on March 18, 2013. Eduardo influenced his musical career by his brother-in-law known as Equipado, who was his sister's boyfriend. Eduardo lectures throughout Brazil and periodically visits the Casa Foundation. Despite not having completed his elementary school, he encourages young people from the periphery to study in interviews, shows and lectures, saying that "having a diploma and being well informed is more audacious than carrying machine guns." In 2012, he launched A Guerra não Declarada na Visão de um Favelado, his first book.

Eduardo and Dum-Dum were born and grew up in favelas of São Paulo in an environment where social violence, criminality, drug trafficking and drug addiction were rampant. This violent past became a source of inspiration to Eduardo's political lyrics.

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