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Dubblestandart transplanted dub from Jamacia to Vienna, where it teamed with the Select Cuts label to release plenty of experimental dub recordings. The collective began in 1990, when it released “Front of Enemies.” Since then, Dubblestandart continued producing dub, emphasizing the vintage attributes of the style such as sound flexing tools, analog delays, and synthesizers. And, of course, the collective emphasized reggae beats, though it did experiment with many untraditional approaches. Dubblestandart backed some of reggae’s best on European tours, including Dillinger and Lee Perry. The collective continually emphasized a message in its music, usually one about music being a bridge to social equality. In 2002 Select Cuts released Streets of Dub, a collection of Dubblestandart songs remixed by an array of prominent experimental dub producers, along with a 12″ EP release of the album track “10 Tons of Dope,” which notably featured Dillinger on vocals. ~ Jason Birchmeier