Dirk Scarlett

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Eschewing musical genres, Dirk Scarlett chooses to let his music flow naturally, without boundaries or preconceptions. Deciding not to embrace one single genre is a bold choice in a world where a myriad of algorithms track every online action, trying to pigeonhole every listener into a specific group so they can be targeted more effectively. In his own words;

“Music is not a genre or a type, these are just lazy overlays we use to group artists together. I would never change a musical idea to better suit a genre - I do whatever I think is best for the song, what I hear in my head and feel in my heart. Commercialism be damned;
be true to yourself!”

Dirk has been gaining significant interest of late, owed in equal parts to the depth & quality of his music & lyrics and the incredible quality of his homemade videos, all of which can be found on his YouTube channel - see links below

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