Die Antwoord

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South Africa's Die Antwoord are a white South African trio that fuses hip-hop and rave music, rapping in English and Afrikaans, and generally confusing the hell out of people. They came to prominence on the back of YouTube videos, biting parodies that presented the group as a bunch of undereducated, acid-washed hicks. It is, indeed, a colorful cast of characters: Ninja, the gold-toothed rapper covered in prison tats; Yo-Landi, styled to approximate a feisty weasel; and DJ Hi-Tek, named the group's producer because "he owns a P.C. computer." Only the sophistication of their beats and bilingual rhymes belied their supposedly humble origins. By the time they had a record deal, the story was out: No yokels, they were veterans of another project called MaxNormal.TV, a satirical hip-hop group with an explicitly South African audience in mind. Die Antwoord merely amplifies their vision to include anyone with an Internet connection. As performance art, even Fischerspooner pales in comparison.