Dezert Skorpion

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Dezert Skorpion is a rapper, songwriter, music producer, and journalist living in Las Vegas, Nevada. Before rapping, Dezert Skorpion focused solely on music production. After a while, he realized his lyrical talent and decided to write to and rap over his own production. In Summer 2018, he released his 1st album titled "Nineteen Minutes". This album speaks on current events in the African American community (at the time). In Spring 2019, he released his 1st EP titled "420" to showcase more lyrical talent and celebrate the occasion of Oui'd. Shortly after, Dezert Skorpion took a hiatus from music to finish college and focus on his son. In December 2020, he released his 2nd album: "Nineteen MORE Minutes". This time, Dezert Skorpion is being more brash, hedonistic, and unapologetic as ever.

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