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De/Vision is a German synthpop musical group formed in 1988. The band started as a quartet consisting of Thomas Adam, Steffen Keth, Stefan Blender, and Markus Ganssert. Blender left the band in 1991 and Ganssert departed in 2000. The name De/Vision is a play on words. The majority of the band's lyrics are in English, but they have had some songs in German.
In 2000, Keth started a side project as the vocalist with Green Court, called 'Green Court featuring De/Vision'. The band with remaining members Keth and Adam were then signed to Drakkar Records and Sony BMG in Europe, and Dancing Ferret Discs in North America. The band is currently signed to Metropolis Records in North America. Since 1994 the band has released a new studio album of original material roughly every 1.5 years, until their 2012 album Rockets and Swords.
On 25 May 2018, the brand new single ‘They Won’t Silence Us’ was out, and in Summer, on 22 June 2018, the new studio album Citybeats was released by the band. The new LP is supported by a tour that started in Spring, on 21 April 2018 and will end on 2 February 2019.