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When opposites learn to complement each other, friction remains – and that's a good thing. Where unequal things come together, energy is created that turns elements into a whole. Deep Green Sunset is such an amalgam – in over 20 years band history welded together with identity.

With tradition in the soul and present in songwriting, the six men deliver pure energetic stage rock. Melodic-emotional vocals and powerful shouting meet intelligent drum playing and energetic, raw bass attacks. The recipe is completed with massive guitar walls, far beyond all New Metal clichés and expressive old school solo playing. This is how DGS cook and stand for uncompromising rock with melancholy and depth.

If one tries to describe the musical product of Dennis “Dan” Köhler, Michael “Glocke” Glöckner, Christoph “Chris” Fröhlich, Sven "Laubi" Laubersheimer, Stephan “Flash” Friedrich and Markus “Ernie” Ernst with comparisons to other bands so you end up somewhere between bands like Such a Surge, Incubus, Audioslave and Billy Talent – always with the special X in being of the formation.

In over 20 years of band history, the band, with roots in the Palatinate, has grown not only technically, but also in identity. DGS have accumulated persistence in some of the trends on both big and small stages at home and abroad, and shared the stage with bands and artists such as Die Happy, Donots, Emil Bulls, Disco Ensemble, Crosscut, Sinsemilia, Tryo, Headcrash, Farmer Boys and even Joe Cocker.

While the nationwide music magazine Feedback to the debut album “Adrenalin” from the year 2001 still headlined “[…] the best from Germany since Such a Surge”, the second studio album “Endlich raus”, which originated in the Karlsdorf HOFA Studios, under the wings of the Pink Cream 69 production team, appears more mature and mature. In the fall of 2008, the guys are still on top and deliver with the third studio album “NOVA°” a record that could hardly be purer, more powerful and authentic.

DGS was, is and will be a band that stands out and plays everything with irrepressible live energy and high speed on the wall, which is not nailed down.

Founding member Michael “Glocke” Glöckner (1998–2004) is back in 2017 alongside singer Dennis Köhler (since 2004). From now on, you present yourself as a power sextet with two front men. Glöckner rehearsed with the band for several months and is actively involved in the songwriting of the upcoming fourth album. New songs, traditionally with German and English lyrics, are in the starting blocks.

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