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What sets the Dave Matthews Band apart from other jam-inclined festival veterans is the solid foundation of catchy songs upon which all their instrumental explorations lie. Fans appreciate the way Matthews' songs change from one performance to another, as he always infuses the hook-packed structure of their favorite songs with fresh improvisational jams. His heartfelt singing layers unpredictable (but memorable) melodies on top of bouncy chords that seem to fit together effortlessly - sort of like rubber jigsaw puzzle pieces. Matthews also subtly incorporates some Latin rhythms and world fusion into his bouncy jam rock/pop, which gives his songs more sonic texture and extra dimension. With such elements at his disposal, Matthews and his band can confidently take risks playing live, which tends to make his performances (and bootlegs) a little more interesting than his polished and somewhat harmless studio recordings. 2003's Some Devil is Matthews' first solo outing.

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