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Behind the success with Das Modul is the producer team Felix J. Gauder (E-Rotic + many other projects) and Olaf Roberto Bossi. When they looked thru old records one day, they accidently played a record called "Computerliebe" by Paso Doble. They listened to it twice, and soon the idea of a cover was born. Now they needed a suitable name for the project. It was soon found: Das Modul. With Yasemin Baysal and Dierk Schmidt they found two characters, that could be Das Modul in the videos and at live performances. With Andreas "Bär" Läsker and his Bear Music Factory they found a top managment, and with Motor Music, a record company. Soon their common achievement got rewarded: Shortly after the release of the song "Computerliebe" (Computerlove), it became a favourite with clubbers in Germany, and not too long after that it peaked at number 3 at the German Media Control Charts. A total of 440,000 copies were sold (Gold, almost Platinum). In the beginning of June 1996 the second Das Modul-album with the title "Urlaub auf der M.S. DOS" (Vacation on M.S. DOS) was released. After four singles and one album, Yasemin Baysal left the band. After a long break Das Modul finally released a new single in the fall of 1998 called "Ich Will". A new singer was also introduced with this single, Keren Mey. Das Modul vs. E-Love has released a 2002 remake of "Computerliebe" entitled "Computerliebe 7.1".