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Daniel Norgren

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Daniel Norgren, is a Swedish singer-songwriter. He has been working through a small indie label called Superpuma Records since 2006.

Norgren's debut album Kerosene Dreams was mainly recorded on homemade instruments and was followed up by Outskirt in 2008. This album attracted a steady crowd of blues fans and also opened the doors for touring Europe. In 2010 Horrifying Deatheating Bloodspider was released and opened the doors even wider. It was also nominated for singer/songwriter album of the year at the Swedish manifest gala. Horrifying Deatheating Bloodspider was followed up by the six-track EP Black Vultures in late 2011, including "Going Home Finally" that was originally tracked for and aired in the BBC Radio show called God's Jukebox.

On stage, Norgren plays the drums and guitar, with Anders Grahn on upright bass, while Andreas Filipsson sometimes accompanies the duo on a homemade organ. Norgren has played festivals and venues in Europe such as Way Out West in 2010. and Roskilde Festival in 2011.

In early 2013 the album Buck was released, followed up by a European tour. Most of the songs on Buck were recorded in Norgren's home on a 4-channel cassette porta-studio.

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