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Da Sweetnezz” is a 36 year old, queer, artist, musician, poet, singer and songwriter whose real name is Jennifer. Da Sweetnezz is of Irish and Nigerian heritage and prefers to go by her artist name Da Sweetnezz. Born in Dublin, Ireland and raised in Newham, London, UK. Da Sweetnezz came to the UK with her parents at the tender age of 4.

Da Sweetnezz specialises bringing a blend of Uk garage, soulful house, and r&b, powerhouse vocals to the music she creates, she is also a very talented songwriter, who has over the past eighteen years and more gained a huge insight into the music industry and a large back catalogue of her own music. This also includes music collaborations with many talented musicians and artists of different music genres.

Since the free release of Da Future Is Sweet (the funky house tribute album which Da Sweetnezz refers to as "fresh, funky an' old skool) on SoundCloud all them years ago in 2012, Da Sweetnezz went on to release a two track single entitled "Sunshine" which was released on 1st October 2019 and another EP entitled “Da Future Is House” which consisted of 4 hard hitting base line thumping house tunes. Another collaboration with some amazing producers in the house music scene at the time and this was released in August 2019. Following on from this over the years Da Sweetnezz has collaborated with more different artists and genres from all over the world including Ddoc aka Devious Doc residing all the way in Indianapolis USA, on a hip-hop track entitled “Long Way From Hollywood” in 2018. During the pandemic Da Sweetnezz really was putting pen to paper over the last 3 years and as a result of this released a succession of house tracks one after the other in 2021. Starting with “Right Now” which is a collaboration with a house producer by the name of Oxic from Essex. To follow this came “Slave” which is a collaboration with a Zimbabwean producer living in South London by the name of Pharrrolyfe. Lastly came “Your Love” all three were hard hitting base line thumping house tunes which Da Sweetnezz’ audiences or as she likes to call them her sweetiez love to love. Da Sweetnezz most recent release came when she hit us with her first ever r&b original song on 14th January 2022 with the release of her first slow jam and love song entitled "To Be Loved"; a song about a love story which holds a very special place in Da Sweetnezz' heart. Da Sweetnezz is currently working with a few different producers at the moment and is looking to release some new music before the end of 2022.

Da Sweetnezz is currently available for bookings for social events, weddings, christenings, and any other occasion. Da Sweetnezz can perform a range of music genre's covering songs and music to suit all tastes and if a specific song/genre is requested she can also provide this.

All of Da Sweetnezz music is available to stream and download on all digital platforms. You can also find Da Sweetnezz on SoundCloud, YouTube, Band camp and all the major music outlets. One google search of “Da Sweetnezz” should bring up all links to her music and videos online, or please visit her website linktree: https://linktr.ee/dasweetnezz where you will find more links there to her music, gig dates and on how to purchase tickets to see Da Sweetnezz live.

Booking/Press Contact: [email protected]