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Elizabeth Eden Harris, known professionally as Cupcakke, is an American rapper from Chicago, Illinois. She is known for her hypersexualised, brazen, and often comical persona and music although she has also made songs with themes supporting LGBT rights, female empowerment, and autism awareness.
Cupcakke began her career as a rapper in 2012 by releasing material online. She came to attention in 2015 when two of her songs, "Deepthroat" and "Vagina", went viral on video-sharing platforms. The songs were later included on her debut mixtape, Cum Cake, which was included on Rolling Stone's list of the Best Rap Albums of 2016 at number 23. A second mixtape, S.T.D, was released in 2016 and preceded the studio albums Audacious, Queen Elizabitch, Ephorize, and Eden. Since then, she has been steadily releasing standalone singles, such as "Grilling Niggas", "Lawd Jesus", "Discounts" and "H2hoe".

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