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Upcoming music drop, Closer feat. J.O.Y, 30 june!

Also, checkout COY Swede's debut EP, Blast From The Past.

Let him know what you think. He is very active on his Instagram. New extended collaboration with established artists and Grammy awarded music engineers that has worked with, Kurt Elling, Tom Higgenson (Plain White Tees), Donald Lawrence, , , , . (CODA Studios, James Auwater, Mastering). Running Back To You are the lead track of COY Swede's debut EP, Blast From the Past with the performing singer, Joey Diggs Jr. They also did track number 2, Burning Miles together. The listeners' praise is great for the high quality his productions have become in such a short time as the sole producer. Some curator do quality reference towards The Weeknd and his sometimes up to 4 or 6 or more of his commercial producers he used from the latest music collaborations. And COY Swede, does it alone with much less. :) Do note the capacity to master several music genres. Just listen and see for yourself. Every time he has shouted out on upcoming music it also drops in time as mentioned.

His music are now in full momentum and more is coming from this new Swedish Artist and Producer. COY Swede has a classical orchestra music background as a drummer and percussion when he was younger. One thing is clear from his listeners. They already starting to discover his music hallmark in his productions. Other collaborators are, James Cayzer, Andres Mayo (Grammy awarded), Winnie Sofia, Camila Carballo.

He is also known to really handpick his vocalist very carefully, same passion and feel to the core. Every track has its own story. Feel free interact with him on his Social Channels, he is most active on Instagram.

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