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COY Swede's new track, Stay With Me is out June 23rd!

Check it out on Spotify or any other music service.

Also check out COY Swede latest music video, Closer feat. J.O.Y on YouTube that reached over 30 k views. The music Video has also been a part of an independent film festival during 2022.

This year (2022) he also dropped his debut EP, Blast From The Past. Check it out!! Every track is very different, also in genre. It shows his wide music field, as a producer.

COY Swede's music is now in full momentum, and more is coming from this new Artist and Producer.

From the very beginning, COY Swede has a classical orchestra music background as a drummer and percussion. Listen if you already can discover his music hallmark in his music and productions.

Some collaborators are, James Cayzer, Andres Mayo (Grammy awarded), Winnie Sofia, Camila Carballo, J.O.Y, Joey Diggs, Scarlet from Swedish Idol.

Feel free interact with him on his Social Channels, he is very active on Instagram.

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