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Who Is Composer Melvin Fromm Jr.?

From accidentally writing a song to express his love to his future wife, to embarking on a full songwriting career, Composer Melvin Fromm Jr. has been healing souls with his music for the last 20+ years. [Melvin found music making thanks to the blessing and favor of God opening so many doors to the music world. How great is our God-Glory to God!]
What People Are Saying About Music
"Worldwide Radio Stations Poll Melvin's New Music"--Melvin Fromm Jr Songs: Presenting the most dynamic and versatile – Melvin Fromm Jr. as you can experience new Melvin Fromm Jr. songs across all genres and moods that feel very special and new that will make many playlists on many worldwide radio stations. Melvin Fromm Jr. making of songs not only have the feeling of hit songs but also the feeling they will be very popular with the people who tune into the songs and enjoy the many kinds of music Melvin Fromm Jr. makes.
"Instagram Ad Agency USA"-- We really love your new music & think it would really help Instagram ads be a huge stand out. "Music Network For All London Tv"--We find your new styles of music very exciting and very good as we feel we can help your music career reach higher levels by getting your music in many tv shows in London and the UK.

"Composer Melvin Fromm Jr. music has been used in the following"100+ indie films & 2 short films, 4k+ YouTube videos and 100+ #1 songs on Melvin's YouTube Music Channel, 200+ Tic Tok videos, music played on over 8k+ radio stations worldwide, music played on over 5k+ overhead business radio worldwide, Melvin is the most popular "artist feature" on a UK radio website with 1 million-plus views and continues to grow daily. Online ads that used Melvin's music: Australia--male sportswear-Ebay- Fitbit-male watch, Korean-female clothing, France-fine wine, Canada-indie recording studio.
Amazon Ads picks up Melvin's new dynamic and versatile music to be used in future online ads on Amazon.

Melvin's Music Added To
**Music added to a Grammy-winning Oscar-winning music catalog.
**Major network tv content management systems pick up 4k+ of Melvin's songs that could be used in tv shows and tv promos. **A video game company picks up 3k+ of Melvin's songs for future use in online video game projects as 10 of Melvin's songs have already been used for upcoming online video game projects coming out soon. **World's best background commercial music catalog and background music for airline industry catalog.

Thanks for checking out the music. God Bless!

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