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Clockbutterflies is an idea dreamt up by The Monarch. This belief has become a mission for them to take on, to reach all the butterflies around the world who have been through harsh weather's such as they.

To let them know they are not alone as they once felt, and that should they keep going there is a light and a family waiting for them on the other side.

The music released through Clockbutterflies will entail heavy themes such as abusive relationships, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, childhood trauma, addiction, suicidal and loss, betrayal and much much more.

More than anything, they will tell a story of The Monarch's life through a series of songs.

Though there are three original Butterflies, they will not be the last, over time more butterflies will join and have their voices be heard, each embodying a butterfly.

Clockbutterflies is a mission to change a world so wrong and The Monarch will see it through.