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Who is Chuck Brilliant?

Wanna hear an artist you’ll never know or expect what your gonna get next?
Actually really living up to the “Brilliant” in his name, Chuck Brilliant is one of none.
Originally an Ohio-based rapper, now residing on the West Coast, he stands on versatility. Rapper, songwriter, lyricist, rapper-singer which ever you wanna call him, there’s no staying in one lane for him too long.

Known for records like “Afterlife”
“Dog Fights” and “Quentin Tarantino” all displaying his high energy on lyrical street anthems. “Payne” “Ronda Rousey” and “You Still Folded” all show his range in a Auto-Tuned fashion, whether it’s catered to pain, love or expressing the moment. His music is characterized by a combination of hip-hop, R&B and soul, and his lyrics often focus on themes of resilience and overcoming challenges. He is an active performer, playing a variety of shows in the Midwest/West Coast and beyond.

Over the years he’s released some incredible bodies of work creating plenty local buzz. “The Road Added Pressure (TRAP)” “How Payne Feel EP” “Brill Luv EP” & many singles like “El Chapo Son” and “G Money Way” while also adding to a slew of records and verses collaborating within his independent record label Chances Make Bosses.

Only 2 years in taking music serious again, he’s here to prove he will be here for awhile.

Fast forward to 2023, after releasing a few singles and his latest EP “Brill Luv”
yet again, catering to another audience,
he has a lot in store with the highly anticipated “The Road Added Pressure Again (TRAP 2)” right around the corner,
Stay tuned on his journey.