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Born and raised in Tyler, Texas, Chance Peña is a 22 year old singer/songwriter and producer. Making music from an early age, he has cultivated a unique style of traditional storytelling infused with modern musical influences. He began working with Secret Road Music Publishing as a songwriter at just 17 years old and saw immediate success. Peña continues to cultivate his artistry by writing, producing, engineering and performing his own songs.

In early 2019, Peña's dream-chaser ballad, "Up, Up & Away" moved into the spotlight thanks to a placement in the highly acclaimed heartfelt drama, Five Feet Apart. Later that year, Chance released his debut EP, “anxiety & mixed emotions” on September 27th, 2019 which chronicled the personal trials and events that transpired over the course of his waning time in his home town of Tyler, Texas as he prepped for a move to Los Angeles the following year. Entering 2020, Peña secured his first major label cut and later his first Grammy nod with John Legend’s “Conversations in the Dark”, the lead single off his Grammy winning album, “Bigger Love”, having co-written the song several months prior.

He has since released an EP titled “The Inevitable” pandering at the idea of life’s inevitabilities, and several singles with friends and collaborators while writing and producing for other artists and projects.

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