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Canary Islands

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From the ashes of the Swedish cult-band The Animal Five, Canary Islands rose like a phoenix in 2013.

It might sound silly, but Canary Islands is the only band in the world who has released music in the new format TR-EP (3P), simply 3 songs put together in one track. In one way to learn the new Spotify audience to listen to music in the way it was created but in the same way, adjust to the new Spotify-era. And of course to irritate a little. The format was invented by the band and their label Så Länge Skutan Kan Gå Records who also put out the two 3P’s the band recorded. The first one Canary Islands, was recorded and released pretty fast in 2013. The second one Canary Islands II came out in 2016, where the band in the process started to question their sound and direction.

Singer, bandleader and songwriter Martin von Inghardt started writing lyrics in Swedish as well as in English and inspired the band to take a bigger step away from the more rock-based band they were in the beginning. They recorded the full-length album CANARY ISLANDS III together with Fredrik Sunding in Tambourine Studios, Malmö which was released in april 2018.

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