Camper Van Beethoven

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Anyone growing up within earshot of college radio in the '80s could not avoid Santa Cruz, Calif.'s Camper Van Beethoven. Their roots-drenched folk-Punk brought us a world where ZZ Top went to Egypt, Joe Stalin had a Cadillac, and skinheads were often found bowling. Characterized by the California valley twang of David Lowery's vocals and Jonathan Segal's rampant use of the violin, they encompassed Psychedelia, Ska, and country-style hoedowns, bridging the many gaps between college radio styles of the mid-'80s. Capable of writing beautiful love songs (see "Sweethearts" or "She Divines Water" ) alongside their ironic multigenre pop, they disbanded shortly after achieving their greatest success with the Status Quo cover "Pictures of Matchstick Men." Lowery, of course, went on to form Cracker.