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Welcome to all! Thanks to my great collaborationists -- Kjell Karlsson of Tibro Sweden with compositions and his own lovely flavor of mixology toward mastering lovely tunes for your enjoyment.

Edson Castro in Salvador Brazil for his lyrics which I sometimes sing in Portuguese and sometimes personally revise to English for a greater reach around the world.

Angie Kuske of Chatham England for her sensational lyrics, from that land that makes English a romance language.

So many other wonderful collaborationists -- composers and the occasional lyricist. Find us on the links below, as well!

It's a joy to work with you all!

Please tune in to YouTube's "Falcone," for more. Phil does fabulous videos and has a different spin on the type of songs he likes me to sing. If you're hosting music and want to host more of my works, please advise. Composers? I'm all ears.

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