Songwhip V2

In 2017 I built Songwhip to solve a simple problem: not being able to share my music on Spotify with my sister that used Apple Music.

It turned out that other people had this problem too and the word spread. Then artists (like yourself) discovered Songwhip and began to use it boost streams via their social announcements.

With a full-time job I struggled to work on Songwhip in my free-time, this meant the product stayed much the same for about a year. But I still had that burning vision and so many features I wanted to add!

So this year I decided to quit my job and go at it full-time! 😱

Today (after months of blood sweat and tears) I’m happy to announce the release of Songwhip V2:

  • A complete rebuild using the latest tech 🛠
  • A brand new look ✨
  • YouTube Music support
  • Amazon Music support
  • GooglePlay Store support
  • iTunes Store support
  • Sooo much faster ⚡️

Most of all I’m excited about the foundation that’s in place for cool new features to come. I have a long list of ideas that you’ve all suggested, and in the next 6 months I’ll be prioritising and building those out.

Although Songwhip is free, I personally pay all the server bills. If you’d like to help secure its future you can now officially support me by buying me a coffee ☕️

Go ahead: try the new Songwhip, but give me your feedback! It's the only way I'll learn how to make the service better for you: reach me personally on Twitter or block some time in my calendar for a call 🤙

Much appreciation 🙏

🙋‍♂️Wilson (@wilsonpage)