Interview with Shamon Dae

What inspired your latest release?

My latest release Brand New Dae is Inspired by the passing of my mother. At that time, I was constantly in the studio and I was working on a lot of stuff but hit a writer's block that I couldn’t get past for a long time so once I was able to move forward I just kept hearing her voice saying to let them hear it. With that, I just started finishing the project. I changed my stage name to embrace a new balance in my music and I just started working to craft an idea of what I wanted this project to sound like and I’m very happy with how it’s turning out and I can’t wait to share it with everybody

How did you record it?

I recorded most of the project with Timmy Woodz at WoodzStock Studios. It was mixed & mastered by Dre Manuel of Safehouse Studios

How did you distribute it?

I went through Distrokid for distribution, I like a lot of the tools they offer to make the process pretty simple.

How did you promote it?

Most of my promotion is mainly through my YouTube Channel, but I also promote my music on IG Facebook and Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. A great place that I always recommend to folks is to share music in online forums and Facebook groups. Not in a "spammy" way telling people to "check out my lit new track", but through engaging in a community of music creators. It's a great way to hear what others are creating as well as learn and get feedback.

What is your advice to indie artists to help fund their work?

I’m big into finding new ways for artist to market themselves so start looking at different marketplaces where you can level the playing field by earning money doing things you

already love doing by providing content like songwriting, for example Airgigs is a big marketplace for artist to connect with other artist and you can be paid for your talents each other

What are your promotional tips to fellow indie artists?

Again, I think marketplaces like Fiverr and others like it are untapped for artists to help them promote so I recommend once or twice a month to make a promotional purchase from artwork, to help with content. They can be used as your online marketing team while you worry about the artistic side of the business. Also, start with what you have now, I know a lot of people want to tell you that you need a ton of equipment and a ton of things that can occupy your bank account, so start with what you have right now.

On social media don’t overwhelm yourself, pick one app and make it look clean for you as an artist to show you take your craft seriously. Just start recording your ideas daily, anything it takes to get your creativity out there will help you get used to it. It doesn’t all have to be music related content of course but enough to get potential fans to know who I was and what I can do.

There’s so many applications that you can use now to get started. It might not have the complete polished finish but at least you started and that’s really the main thing right now.

Brand New Dae covert art

How would you get started in music if you had nothing?

I would simply start with going on YouTube and researching any “how to” questions that I have about the music business. Reach out to producers or artist that may want to work. I really think collaboration is great to get noticed also so make sure to interact. Use Facebook music groups for your genre of music as well to share your music not in a spammy way but to really connect with people.

Also make sure all of my social media are all under one artist name so there’s no confusion with anyone else and start finding one or two social media apps that I was comfortable releasing content to.

What social media platform do you hang out on the most?

I’m on Instagram probably the most, and second would be Convoz. I have Facebook of course but I don’t use it probably the best as I should.

Which artist do you look up to the most and why?

Killer Mike, I like artists that use their musical platform to say something. There’s a time and a place for all types of music of course, but I like the way that he blends his content with social issues. I also like his business acumen, showing artists that there are various tangible ways for artists to make money outside of the business is key.

Who’s your favourite indie artist? If you could ask them one question, what would it be?

I like Yellopain's music. I’m not really sure of a question to ask him but I would like to thank him just for bringing originality back with his style of music.

What are your thoughts on TikTok as a revenue stream for indie artists?

I love it, that’s one of the new waves that you can see is continuously growing with using popular music and blowing up a song. I don’t think a lot of artists realize the potential of the platform.

Anything else you’d like to say or promote?

Please check out the album Brand New Dae, tag me and let me know how you feel about it

I also host a YouTube music review channel under my name called Ride Or Fly so I’m always looking to connect with new artist looking to promote their projects as well because I love the art of collaboration.