Bandcamp support added

Introducing Bandcamp support for album and artist links

Today I'm pleased to announce Bandcamp support has arrived at Songwhip for Album and Artist links 🙌

Bandcamp buttons will start appearing on all artist and album pages whenever a match is found ✨ (see this example page).

Why Bandcamp?

I've been asked time and time again when Bandcamp support is coming to Songwhip. I listened, prioritised it, and got to work 👨‍💻

Bandcamp is an important platform for indie artists; it's one of the only major players that give a artists fair cut of sales revenue. For music sales they take 15% and merch 10% (source).

Do I need to do anything to update my existing links?

No, all Songwhip pages update their music platform links every 7 days. If you can't wait, contact me and I'll trigger an early refresh. Any new artist or album pages created will include Bandcamp links right away.

I'm still not seeing a Bandcamp button

_Songwhip_ can be quite strict when determining a matching link. Check that your _Bandcamp_ artist and/or album name exactly match that on other services (especially Spotify). Update the _Bandcamp_ names if need be and then recreate your Songwhip page. If it still doesn't appear reach out to me and manually add the link for you.

Bandcamp as a source link

Unfortunately Songwhip doesn't support Bandcamp links as a 'source' link (ie. pasted in the Songwhip search box). This is because (unlike other music services) Bandcamp URLs don't contain the artist or album id, meaning we can't lookup data from the URL alone. This shouldn't be an issue for 99% of you, but just wanted you to know 🙃


As always, reach out to me directly if you have any feedback or comments (I'm really nice 🙂).

It's only from your kind support that I'm able to continue improving Songwhip; so thanks again to all who've donated (donate here), I'm eternally grateful!

Yours sincerely 🙏

🙋‍♂️Wilson (@wilsonpage)