Artist bios

Descriptions have started to arrive on artist pages

Today I've just launched artist bios/descriptions to artist pages. A 'bio' is a small chunk of text that sits below the main link buttons.

Screenshot of example artist bio

Why have you added this?

I've wanted to start filling out artist pages for a while. I believe they should eventually become a universal landing page for artists. Not just linking out to all music streaming services but providing some background on the artist, images, discography, etc. This is a first step towards that goal.

On top of improving experience, Google ranks pages based on the quality of their content. If I can start increasing and improving the amount of content on artist pages I can hopefully get your Songwhip pages ranking higher in relevant search results. Which should result in more people finding you and playing your music 🥳

It's an ongoing effort that I'm going to keep an eye and continue to evolve.

Where do bios come from?

Bios can be sucked in from any of the 14 music services Songwhip currently integrates with, but usually it will be Apple Music, SoundCloud, Bandcamp or Pandora. Make sure you have a bio you're happy with on all of those services and Songwhip should find it up automatically.

Why don't I have a bio?

If you don't see a bio on your artist page it's probably because Songwhip couldn't find one on the above services. The best thing you can do is make sure your bio is up to date on Apple Music, SoundCloud, Bandcamp or Pandora and either ping me to refresh your page, or just wait a few days for Songwhip to update automatically.

How do I change my bio?

As above, make sure your bio is up-to-date and consistent across all services and ping me to refresh your page. If you'd like you can also send me a bio to manually update for you. Although I would advise you to maintain your bios at the final music service level as this means you only need to update it in one place and Songwhip will periodically suck it in.

How do I remove my bio?

If for whatever reason you don't want a bio on your artist page you can reach out to me by email or on the old social media.


As always reach out with any feedback you have for me. I'm always listening and evolving Songwhip to be the best tool in the game.

Until next time friends 🙏

🙋‍♂️Wilson (@wilsonpage)