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Avalanche Kaito is the collaborative project of West African vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Kaito Winse and players from the Belgian experimental scene; drummer Benjamin Chaval and guitarist Nico Gitto. The trio combined Winse’s upbringing in a Burkina Faso griot music family with complex and rapid-fire live drum rhythms, dissonant grooves, and abstract electronic procession on their self-titled 2022 debut album.
Avalanche Kaito formed in 2018 when Winse was in Brussels and crossed paths with noise punk duo Le jour du seigneur. Le jour du seigneur drummer Chaval brought guitarist Gitto into the fold and the trio began deconstructing Winse’s compositions with a combination of improvisation and the use of open-source computer music program Pure Data. The result was a chaotic and explosive re-interpretation of traditional West African sounds, which reached a fever pitch on the band’s self-titled full-length. The album was recorded in 2020 and saw release two years later on the Glitterbeat label. ~ Fred Thomas