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Mastering Engineer by day: @masteredbytobi

Remixer by night: @tobisonics

Mastering Showreel, Rates & Services via Tobisonic Mastering Website.

If you're interested in me remixing one of your tracks, give me a shout!

Tired of streaming media platforms forever creating new 'Tobi' profiles with every remix, the Luxembourg based mastering engineer/remixer reluctantly came to the conclusion that he needed to invent and control his own brand.

Every bit a 'behind the scenes man', the reclusive Tobi living a life of solitude, with his beloved beagle Enzo in the countryside, he preferred to work in quiet service to the creative vision bands/artists; the majority of his time spent mastering for others; however in the social media/brand dominated Independent Music scene, Tobi needed to make a bit of noise.

Tobi has slowly come round to the term, 'remixer'; having always thought of his collaborations as 'alternate versions', the remix never felt like a good fit. He has, however, gradually felt more comfortable with the 'Tobisonic Remix'.

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