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Apostille is the moniker used by Glaswegian musician Michael Kasparis for his solo electronic project. Kasparis took on a role as a pillar of indie circles in Glasgow with the 2011 formation of his Night School label. The label would be an early home for promising acts like Golden Grrrls, Molly Nilsson, and Terror Bird, and would issue archival releases for Strawberry Switchblade and their frontperson, Rose McDowall. While deeply involved with both the label and two more aggressive hardcore bands (Anxiety and the Lowest Form), Kasparis first released music from Apostille in the form of a two-song 7″ in early 2013. The music was decidedly lo-fi and challenging, with distorted programmed drums and synth wails crossing wires and weaving countermelodies with Kasparis’ reverb-drowned baritone vocals. Several cassette releases and the proper 2015 Apostille debut LP, Powerless, would follow suit, obscuring ’80s-inspired electro-funk basslines and synth tones in muddy production. The 2018 follow-up, Choose Life, shifted gears somewhat, offering a cleaner production that allowed both Kasparis’ brooding, misanthropic lyrics and his keen ear for damaged pop melodies to cut through. ~ Fred Thomas

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