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Albee Al

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New Jersey rapper Albee Al (born Albert Robinson in 1988) wove his tumultuous life experiences into his music from his earliest tracks, creating gritty, muscular hip-hop that drew from the street life and violence he was exposed to from a young age. His first foray into rap came with self-produced mixtapes and guest verses on other artist’s songs in the early 2010s. Not long into his musical journey, Albee Al was charged with murder and spent four years in prison awaiting trial. Ultimately acquitted of those charges in 2014, Al went full-speed ahead on music, releasing one-off singles at a rapid clip throughout 2015, and gaining exposure for tracks like “Uncomparable” and “Welcome to My City.” He continued releasing singles and mixtapes over the next few years, including collaborations with Monty, Uncle Murda, Ve, and Daddy Co. The full-length Tears 4 a Goon arrived in 2017 and included the single “Loving You.” A mixtape, Koba, followed in 2019 and landed at number 21 on Billboard’s Top Independent Albums chart. ~ Fred Thomas

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