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At first glance it may come as bit of a surprise that Annie Lennox has had such a successful solo career, seeing as her androgynous fashion sense and the music she made with the Eurythmics helped define the 1980s pop scene. But Lennox has managed to beat the odds, with an artistically rewarding solo career that's done even better financially than her old band. Diva (1992) boasted the excellent single, "Why" (which showcased the Scotswoman's love for classic American soul), while her follow up, Medusa, frosted pop classics with an icy Euro-synth sheen. Surprisingly, when Lennox reunited with her old Eurythmics partner Dave Stewart for 1999's Peace, the album sold respectably but didn't perform as well as her solo discs. After a divorce, Lennox returned with 2003's Bare, which was even more biting and acerbic than her previous work, but was embraced by an adoring public just as warmly.

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