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Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, singer/songwriter Angus Stone first garnered the public’s attention as one half of the internationally successful sibling folk duo Angus & Julia Stone. With their distinctive vocal styles, Julia’s breathy and ethereal and Angus’ smoky and confident, the siblings released their debut album, A Book Like This, to critical acclaim in 2007. After the release of 2010′s Down the Way, the pair began working on solo projects, with Julia issuing Memory Machine (2010) and By the Horns (2012), and Angus unveiling the feisty and rollicking Smoking Gun under the pseudonym Lady of the Sunshine before returning to more traditional country-folk-inflected territory with 2012′s Broken Brights, which was released under his birth name. A third Angus & Julia Stone LP, produced by Rick Rubin and titled simply Angus & Julia Stone, arrived in 2014. Angus then retreated to his farm house and put together an album with a more electric, ’90s slacker rock sound than on prior projects, born of jamming with friends in his recording studio on the property. Using the pseudonym Dope Lemon, he released Honey Bones in the spring of 2016. ~ James Christopher Monger & Marcy Donelson