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Scottish composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Andrew Mitchell goes under the pseudonym Andrew Wasylyk for his albums of reflective and bright instrumental compositions. Wasylyk’s sounds tie together pastoral jazz, experimental post-rock leanings, and touches of electronics, reaching their highest articulation on a trilogy of albums inspired by the landscape of eastern Scotland. The series spanned several years and concluded with 2020′s elegant Fugitive Light and Themes of Consolation.
Mitchell established Andrew Wasylyk as a solo project after playing in several bands, and offered up his first music under the name with 2015′s Soroky. This first album was more in a singer/songwriter vein and prominently featured vocals. 2017′s more subdued Themes for Buildings and Spaces was instrumental, inspired by the environments of Mitchell’s hometown of Dundee. Themes for Buildings and Spaces began a trilogy of similarly themed albums that continued with 2019′s The Paralian and 2020′s Fugitive Light and Themes of Consolation. There was additional output in between installments of the trilogy, including a more rock-minded self-titled EP and a collaboration with poet Liz Lochhead entitled Still Life, Sweetheart, both released in 2020. ~ Fred Thomas