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About Multi-Award-Winning-Artist,
A timeless composer and ethereal vocalist passionate about elevating the human spirit through the power of music and universal vibration, Brazilian recording artist Anaya Music has, since launching her recording career in 1998, captured the soothing yet spiritually and emotionally energizing essence of the music of her native country via a dynamic synthesis of orchestral new age, electronic and melodic trance influences and textures. Her expansive, globally distributed body of work as a composer, artist and producer.

C  P 2020 Tania Mara Botelho
C 2020 AnayaMusic (ASCAP)

All music performed and produced by ‪Anaya Music‬
Music Publishing © 2020 Anayamusic (ASCAP)
C  P 2020 Tania Mara Botelho

-GlobalMusicAwards, Winner of Silver Medal for Outstanding Achievement recipient for the new age songs:”Dharma”,”Love's River”,”Laman Song”in 2017 and Newage Albums Aonki, Gateway of Love, Devotion and Fifth Essence in 2018. Album Newage Aligned in the Universe and Album Isalc”Li: a LoveOdyssey in 2019.

- nominated in the One World Music Award Radio as Contemporary Instrumental and Neo-Classical album in 2017 and 2018.

-Clouzine International Music Awards 2018 Spring, for BEST NEW AGE ALBUM “Aonki, Gateway of Love”.
BEST INSTRUMENTAL ALBUM Eternity in Fall 2018.
BEST NEWAGE ALBUM Aligned in the Universe, and Best Electronic album in 2019.

-Eternity, was nominated for Neo-Classical and Newage Album by the 2016 ZMR and 2018 IMA Awards.

-The IndieMusicChannel Tv as Best Female Newage Artist in 2019.

-The AkademiaMusicAwards as Best Ambient/Instrumental album, Best Electronic album and The Executive Awards in 2019. Best Music Video, Best Ambient/Instrumental album and Vision Artist 2020.