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My name is awol and I was born in Florida on Halloween in 1985. I grew up cross Fletcher on the north side of Tampa with my mom and little sister. I first fell in love with music in church as a child. I started writing poems when I was 9 and by the time i was 12 I was writing whole songs. I got in trouble a lot for freestyling in between classes but I never let that stop me. My music is very original, a mixture of hip hop, r&b, and pop. I am inspired by everything that goes on around me so I write about what I feel and things that I experience in life. I am also a young entrepreneur that wants to master all aspects of the game including the business part of it. Its hard being an artist in tampa because theres not a lot of music network. Im currently trying to start my own movement called the Trigga City Veterans. The plan is to build a network for local underground artist like myself and to gain exposure for my city. I feel there is too much hate and not enough love going on in my city and I want to be the one to break the cycle. My goal is make music that all different kinds of people will want to listen to and enjoy. I hope that my music will inspire a positive change not only in my city but in the rap game itself. I feel like I have to be the best of the best to get recognition. I am very passionate about music so I dont make music for the money, i make music because its apart of me, I am music.

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