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Thijs Ploegmakers, performing as Adaro, is a Dutch DJ. He produced several electronic music styles, however in 2008, he began producing hardstyle with Ran-D which resulted in their first release on A2 Records "My Name Is Hardstyle." Adaro continued releasing his music on A2 Records until 2014. In March, 2015, alongside Ran-D, B-Front and Frequencerz, Adaro is one of the founders of hardstyle record label "Roughstate Music".
Adaro has been responsible for creating many well-known Hardstyle songs that have reached certain commercial success, including "Touch A Star" with B-Front feat. Dawnfire, which was awarded #4 in the Q-dance Top 100 countdown for 2018. More Adaro hits include his official Intents Festival anthem "Circus Of Insanity" with Digital Punk, "The Sky Is The Limit," his official remix for "Rellen in de Hel" by Dutch Hip-Hop artist EZG and his official remix of "GODD" by Trance artist Marco V.
In addition to his solo releases, Adaro has collaborated with many artists within the hardstyle genre such as The Prophet, Digital Punk, B-Front, Endymion, Hard Driver, E-Force and Crypsis.