Adam Calhoun

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After teaming with country-rapper Hosier in 2017 for an album called Made in America, the militantly pro-military YouTube personality Adam Calhoun pursued his own solo career. Since debuting in 2018, he has issued a string of chart-topping independent releases, including War and Pressure.
In 2018, Calhoun released the full-length AmerAcal, which played upon the patriotic imagery he championed on social media. It also opened with a track called “Huck Fosier” that signaled his split from his onetime partner. Later that year, he returned with a second album, The Throne. In February 2019, he released the Crazy White Boy EP, a collaboration with Demun Jones, with Upchurch featuring on the track “Ww2.0.” In July, Calhoun delivered his third solo full-length, War, with Hooligan — a collaborative effort with Upchurch — arriving at the end of the year. 2020 saw the releases of Billy G.O.A.T. and Legend, the latter of which was a collaboration with Nashville country rapper Struggle Jennings. The following year marked the arrival of the full-length Pressure, which quickly ascended to the top of the streaming charts, and was followed closely by the singles “I Can’t Rap” and “No L’s,” the latter of which was a collaboration with Canadian rapper Merkules. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine