S. Kiyotaka & Omega Tribe

About this artist

"Omega Tribe was a Japanese soft rock and city pop project that was led by producer Koichi Fujita, with the bands being handled by industry veterans Tetsuji Hayashi, Tsunehiro Izumi, and Hiroshi Shinkawa at different times. The project was active during the early 80's to the late 90's, having several hits during its lifespan with the help of lyricists, composers, and arrangers. The band underwent several core member changes as well as name changes, with the band changing vocalists three times with the introductions of Kiyotaka Sugiyama in 1983, Carlos Toshiki in 1986, and Masahito Arai in 1993. The band has also had many offshoot bands that have stemmed from members collaborating. Many works released from the band were focused on the theme of summer, sea, and resorts, being noted as one of the leading bands with summer songs along with Southern All Stars and Tube. They have also been called one of the pioneers of Japanese soft rock in the 1980s." From Wiki